In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Mark Santcroos writes:
: On Mon, Sep 10, 2001 at 09:51:00PM +0200, Mark Santcroos wrote:
: > Do you know the exact reason for this problem or can I help by exactly
: > finding out what change of code causes this problems?
: I deciced to track it down. I narrowed it down to the commit to pcic_pci.c
: v1.71.

That's good to know.

: diff /tmp/pccardd/current/pcic.c ./pcic.c
: 897c897
: <       return (bus_generic_teardown_intr(dev, child, irq, cookie));
: ---
: >       return 0;
: diff /tmp/pccardd/current/pcic_pci.c ./pcic_pci.c
: 1336c1336
: <       DEVMETHOD(bus_teardown_intr,    bus_generic_teardown_intr),
: ---
: >       DEVMETHOD(bus_teardown_intr,    pcic_teardown_intr),
: IOW, just skip the bus_generic_teardown_intr(). I called it a workaround,
: cause I don't know if this is really a fix or a hack. (Don't know the code
: well enough for that) 
: However, my problems disappeared with this patch.
: Please shine your light on this, or give a suggestion for a nice fix.
: Anyway, the fix seems close (and trivial).

That's actually excellent information.  That's about the best
diagnosis I've had in a while.  I'd rather have had a -u diff, but
with such a small diff, I can easily try it here.  There might be side
effects that we'll need to take care of...


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