Thank you, Iwasaki-san.

Now I booted the system with 'hint.acpi.0.disable=1' in
/boot/device.hints. It works good at least while writing this message.

>>>>>   Mitsuru IWASAKI <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

HN> Just after rebooting with this kernel and installworld, this host
HN> reboots frequently, about every 10 minutes. /var/log/messages shows
HN> that

MI> Could you describe your hardware?  I'd like see boot -v dmesg and ACPI
MI> data.  Please send them to acpi-jp ML.

My hardware is...

M/B     ASUS P3V4X
CPU     PentiumIII 933MHz with ASUS S370-DL
Mem     640MB (total)
HDD     WDC AC32500H/24.09P07
        Maxtor 31536U2/BAC51NJ0
        FUJITSU MPC3102AT E/6207
        IBM DPES-31080 S31Q
        IBM DPSS-318350N S96H
        IBM DPSS-318350N S96H
SCSI    AHA-2940U2W
RAID    HighPoint HPT370 ATA100 controller
SOUND   AOpen AW230 (CS461x PCM Audio)
NIC     3Com 3c905B-TX Fast Etherlink XL
VGA     Rage 3D IIC (not detected when booting)
Port    Justy JIF-01A (serial and parallel ISA)

Dmesgs with and without acpi are attached below. And kernel configuration
is available at

MI> Also could you try adjust loader variable `debug.acpi.disable' and
MI> see if which component is causing the problem?

I'll check them later.
NAKAJI Hiroyuki

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