On 11-Sep-01 Julian Elischer wrote:
> Peter, Matt and I, (and a bunch of testers)
> have been banging on the KSE kernel for two weeks now.
> The state of the patch is:
> Everything runs except nwfs and smbfs (my head hurts whe I read them)
> We will be committing this in the next day or so, as we have really hit
> a dead end as far as how far we can go without doing this.
> We expect there will be plenty of bugs to come out of the woodwork, but 
> those that we are seeng in our tests have come down to a tiny trickle.
> (in fact none known RIGHT at this moment)
> I'll do one last MFC and test run today.
> A final diff will be available from http://www.freebsd.org/~julian/thediff
> later today. (it's updated each hour at 14 past).

Well, not exactly the best choice of days to ask for review before commit.  I
wasn't reading mail at all yesterday. :-/  I'll just cope and post any
objections (suser_td as I mentioned earlier, for example) later.


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