Hi, yokota-san thank you very much.

> It now appears that some IBM ThinkPad models assign a distinct PnP ID
> to the PS/2 mouse port.
> If you have ThinkPad and its pointing device is not recognized when
> ACPI is loaded in the latest -current system, please do the following
> 1. Disable ACPI and boot
>       unset acpi_load
>       boot -v
> 2. Send the entire dmesg output to me. Don't forget to tell me
>    the model name of your ThinkPad too.
> ThinkPad models currently known to have this behavior:
> model                 PnP ID for the PS/2 mouse port
> ----------------------------------------------------
> ThinkPad 570E         IBM3780

I also have a ThinkPad i1620 (PS/2 mouse PnP ID = 0x80374d24) here and
now that the mouse is recognized correctly with ACPI module by your
last commit.

Thanks again

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