On Wed, 12 Sep 2001, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:

> nobody should be running an open FTP server that allows
> uploading to anyone unless they are willing to take the time to
> monitor it

Some ftp daemons have the option to automatically email
the admins every time a file gets uploaded.

> 100MB is plenty of space for some jerk to upload his collection
> of Sally SpreadEagle in all her silicon glory.  If that happens
> your going to find every bit of outbound bandwidth you have
> completely saturated.

That's what per-directory bandwidth limitations are for.
If your /incoming needs to be usable for articles, you
could just limit it to something like 2 kB/s per user.

That's enough for legitimate articles, but for warez and
porn it becomes effectively write-only.

The only real problem is that people tend to upload the
most worthless crap, so nothing interesting ever shows up
in the 'harvesting' area.


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