On Saturday 15 September 2001 00:18, Mike Smith wrote:
> > Nope, no debug options, but I am getting loads of
> >
> > microuptime() went backwards (29804.3839847 -> 29804.925730)
> ALi chipset?  Try turning off the ACPI timer if you haven't already;
> set debug.acpi.disable="timer"
> at the loader prompt.  If this works, please let me know (with ACPI in the
> subject line so I don't miss it).

Just an additional data point.

I was getting lousy performance under -current with ISDN. The transfers would 
hang for long periods of time with a fairly large number of used mbufs - 
which apparently were not being emptied.

Using the above hint at boot time has restored the normal performance.

Interstingly, I never saw performance problems over ethernet.

Note that this is a ASUS A7M266 mobo with the AMD760 chipset.


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