Geoff Rehmet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
 > No, I can't say for certain when this started.  In fact, reverting to a
 > kernel from June 27 still shows the same problem.
 > However, I have done the following exercise, with three machines,
 > two of which sit on our internal LAN together, on the same hub, with
 > the third sitting on our public network (in our hosting room).
 > [...]
 > At this point, this seems, from the empirical evidence, to have nothing
 > to do with ACPI.

This is probably a dumb question, but just to make sure ...

Have you verified that the duplex setting of your network
interface is correct?  It should be set to half-duplex if
the machine is connected to a hub.  Don't trust autoselect.
Check the collision LEDs at the card (if present) and at
the hub during data transfer.  If everything looks OK, try
putting a different card into that machine.

I'm running -current with some DEC clone NIC connected to
a FastEthernet switch (running full-duplex), and there's no
TCP performance problem.


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