I don't know exactly what the gdb(1) problems on Alpha are, but we
do have a problem that's probably not specific to an architecture.

The problem is basicly this: one cannot debug any programs because
gdb(1) gets a SIGTRAP delivered when it invokes ptrace(2) and never
gets a change to wait4(2) the "interior" process.

I don't know the details, but one of the following can be the case
1. We now deliver a SIGTRAP, when we didn't do so before,
2. The SIGTRAP comes too quick, it should be "caught" by the wait4(2).

I couldn't find any indication that 1 happened, so my guess is that
we suffer from 2.

Is this known?
Any thoughts?

 Marcel Moolenaar         USPA: A-39004          [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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