This patch implements syscall wrappers for Giant around various
    subsystems.  It is intended to allow more developers to work on -current,
    in the main tree, by allowing the various Giant pushdown works in
    progress to be comitted to the main tree.

    This patch implements sysctl variables which can conditionally turn on and
    off Giant for various subsystems.  We still have to instrument the
    subsystems, of course!  I've included some example instrumentation 
    for kern/kern_prot.c.  The patch is incomplete, obviously, but can be
    implemented and committed incrementally.

    I feel that there are two reasons why we are not able to build momentum
    for -current or get more developers on board: First, too much work is
    being done in P4 instead of the main tree.  Second, the work is being
    done in a kitchen-sink development mode, so when things *do* wind up
    going into the main tree, the changes are so huge that the wider
    development audience has no ability to track down bugs.  Of all the work
    being done only Julian's first-stage KSE work has no choice but to be 
    a kitchen sink affair.   ALL of the other work can and should be done

    This patch allows developers doing pushdown work (John, Alfred, Peter,
    etc...) to do the work in the main tree without adversely effecting
    other developers.  By having the system boot-up with Giant turned on
    around the subsystems under development other developers are mostly
    (not completely, but mostly) shielded from the pushdown work while those
    doing the pushdown work can test it by disabling Giant for the particular
    subsystem they are working on, and ask other developers to test it when
    they feel it is ready for a wider audience simply by asking people to
    turn off the sysctl wrapper(s) in question.  These sysctls will allow
    developers to run their systems at varying levels of safety, something I
    expect will be needed for several years before we find every last little

    It has been rather difficult for me to convince some people of the
    necessity of a more incremental approach, so I fully expect a number
    of people to complain.  Well, too bad.  Life sucks.  -current isn't going
    to make it if we don't do this.  I am accepting all critisism for this
    approach but I fully intend to commit something in the next week or so
    and to start instrumenting the code to allow the more incremental
    approach to be taken.

    I've also received luke-warm responses from some people in regards to my
    desire to remove some of the massive inlines and macros that are bloating
    -current today.  I don't *care* whether the bloat is supposedly only 
    happening during development due to the debugging.  We are going to be
    'in development' for the next year at least, even longer, and some of us
    run production systems with a moderate degree of debugging turned on
    anyway and will do so in the future with -current.  The macros and inlines
    need to be moved into real procedures and I fully intend to start doing
    that after I get the incremental sysctl stuff going.


Index: sys/mutex.h
RCS file: /home/ncvs/src/sys/sys/mutex.h,v
retrieving revision 1.37
diff -u -r1.37 mutex.h
--- sys/mutex.h 2001/09/12 08:38:05     1.37
+++ sys/mutex.h 2001/09/16 22:24:30
@@ -115,6 +115,8 @@
 void   _mtx_assert(struct mtx *m, int what, const char *file, int line);
+int    mtx_lock_giant(int sysctlvar);
+void   mtx_unlock_giant(int s);
  * We define our machine-independent (unoptimized) mutex micro-operations
@@ -312,6 +314,12 @@
 extern struct mtx      sched_lock;
 extern struct mtx      Giant;
+ * Giant lock sysctl variables used by other modules
+ */
+extern int kern_giant_proc;
+extern int kern_giant_file;
  * Giant lock manipulation and clean exit macros.
Index: kern/kern_mutex.c
RCS file: /home/ncvs/src/sys/kern/kern_mutex.c,v
retrieving revision 1.68
diff -u -r1.68 kern_mutex.c
--- kern/kern_mutex.c   2001/09/12 08:37:44     1.68
+++ kern/kern_mutex.c   2001/09/16 22:23:21
@@ -697,3 +697,43 @@
+ * Encapsulated Giant mutex routines.  These routines provide encapsulation
+ * control for the Giant mutex, allowing sysctls to be used to turn on and
+ * off Giant around certain subsystems.  The default value for the sysctls
+ * are set to what developers believe is stable and working in regards to
+ * the Giant pushdown.  callers of mtx_lock_giant() are expected to pass the
+ * return value to an accompanying mtx_unlock_giant() later on.  If multiple
+ * subsystems are effected by a Giant wrap, all related sysctl variables
+ * must be zero for the subsystem call to operate without Giant (as determined
+ * by the caller).
+ */
+SYSCTL_NODE(_kern, OID_AUTO, giant, CTLFLAG_RD, NULL, "Giant mutex manipulation");
+static int kern_giant_all = 1;
+SYSCTL_INT(_kern_giant, OID_AUTO, all, CTLFLAG_RW, &kern_giant_all, 0, "");
+int kern_giant_proc = 1;       /* Giant around PROC locks */
+int kern_giant_file = 1;       /* Giant around struct file & filedesc */
+SYSCTL_INT(_kern_giant, OID_AUTO, proc, CTLFLAG_RW, &kern_giant_proc, 0, "");
+SYSCTL_INT(_kern_giant, OID_AUTO, file, CTLFLAG_RW, &kern_giant_file, 0, "");
+mtx_lock_giant(int sysctlvar)
+       if (sysctlvar || kern_giant_all) {
+               mtx_lock(&Giant);
+               return(1);
+       }
+       return(0);
+mtx_unlock_giant(int s)
+       if (s)
+               mtx_unlock(&Giant);
Index: kern/kern_prot.c
RCS file: /home/ncvs/src/sys/kern/kern_prot.c,v
retrieving revision 1.102
diff -u -r1.102 kern_prot.c
--- kern/kern_prot.c    2001/09/12 08:37:44     1.102
+++ kern/kern_prot.c    2001/09/16 22:28:33
@@ -86,15 +86,16 @@
        struct getpid_args *uap;
        struct proc *p = td->td_proc;
+       int s;
-       mtx_lock(&Giant);
+       s = mtx_lock_giant(kern_giant_proc);
        td->td_retval[0] = p->p_pid;
 #if defined(COMPAT_43) || defined(COMPAT_SUNOS)
        td->td_retval[1] = p->p_pptr->p_pid;
-       mtx_unlock(&Giant);
+       mtx_unlock_giant(s);
        return (0);
@@ -117,12 +118,13 @@
        struct getppid_args *uap;
        struct proc *p = td->td_proc;
+       int s;
-       mtx_lock(&Giant);
+       s = mtx_lock_giant(kern_giant_proc);
        td->td_retval[0] = p->p_pptr->p_pid;
-       mtx_unlock(&Giant);
+       mtx_unlock_giant(s);
        return (0);
@@ -170,8 +172,9 @@
        struct proc *p = td->td_proc;
        struct proc *pt;
        int error = 0;
+       int s;
-       mtx_lock(&Giant);
+       s = mtx_lock_giant(kern_giant_proc);
        if (uap->pid == 0)
                td->td_retval[0] = p->p_pgrp->pg_id;
        else {
@@ -187,7 +190,7 @@
-       mtx_unlock(&Giant);
+       mtx_unlock_giant(s);
        return (error);

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