On Tuesday, September 18, 2001, Maxim Sobolev wrote:
> Oh, yes, you are correct obviously (don't know what I was thinking about). In this
> case, it looks like v_tag is redundant, because f_fstypename could be used instead
> in a few places where v_tag is abused (the same applies to the statfs.f_type
> because essentually it is the same thing as v_tag). Poul, what do you think about
> it? In the meantime, I found another place in the kernel where VT_* macros are
> [ab]used - it is Linuxlator, attached please find patches to fix it - please
> review.

   Actually, I've got work that's a lot like the patch you
attached to this message; when I can merge some of the latest
changes, I'll have a diff at least to KSE_PRE_MILESTONE_2.  Give
me more time and I'll have a diff to HEAD.

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