On 19-Sep-01 Vincent Poy wrote:
> On Wed, 19 Sep 2001, John Baldwin wrote:
>> On 19-Sep-01 Vincent Poy wrote:
>> >       Just a question, does /stand still exist in -current?  If so, how
>> > does on update it?  I remember the old method was make all install in
>> > /usr/src/release/sysinstall but this no longer works.
>> sysinstall lives in /usr/sbin and is updated during every buildworld now.
>> /stand is a backup copy of utilities used during the initial installation.
>       Interesting.  I remember sysinstall used to be in /stand and
> /stand used to be a bunch of utils statically linked to sysinstall.  When
> I did the last binary upgrade install of the June 18, 2001 -current
> snapshot from current.FreeBSD.ORG, it never updated /stand at all since I
> know if does when I do a binary upgrade of -RELEASE.

sysinstall moved to /usr/bin in current.  The /stand stuff is created by
sysinstall during the initial installation.  I'm not sure if it gets updated by
binary upgrades.


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