On 2001-Sep-21 10:45:42 +0300, Ruslan Ermilov <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>Also, this error may only be caused if:
>1.  The previous ``buildworld'' installed new headers in
>    ${WORLDTMP}/usr/include.
>2.  The next ``buildworld'' was run with -DNOCLEAN.
>    (Only in this case ${WORLDTMP}/usr/include will be
>    non-empty.)

I have an old -CURRENT system[1] that can't do a buildworld any more,
even with the latest bsd.{prog,lib}.mk changes (1.101 and 1.98).  I
delete /usr/obj before the buildworld, which writes off the above
scenarios.  Is anyone else seeing problems?

[1] From January.  I know it's old but I don't seem to have found the
    time to update lately (and I didn't realise it has been that long).


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