Hi all,

As discussed on -arch, I've removed the UUCP utilities from the base
system, and they now live in the net/freebsd-uucp port.  I have left
the cu utility behind, because it reportedly has capabilities not
supported by tip at this time.  Ideally, it would be great if we can
get any missing capabilities added to tip so we can complete the
removal of cu, but that's a project for another time and possibly
another person (I've noticed OpenBSD have done some work in this
direction already).

I've verified that cu continues to build, but since I don't use it I
can't test whether it still works.  Please let me know of any problems
with this, or the UUCP port and I'll be happy to fix them.


P.S.  I'm running a post-commit buildworld now to verify that I
haven't broken the build.

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