Hi current@,

as you no doubt know, when you run a Linux binary every file access undergoes
an intermediate step where the kernel looks for a file with the same name
under /compat/linux. This interferes with basically anything which needs to
traverse the whole tree, and in particular backup software (Tivoli Storage
Manager, in my case). You can reproduce this by just doing:

$ /compat/linux/bin/bash
$ ls -laR / | less

And you see a nice mix of Linux and FreeBSD dirs / files.

After playing tricks for sometime (I currently remount filesystems via nullfs
on /backup and backup that tree), I am now looking at a different solution.
I am preparing a patch which should only touch linux_emul_find() in
src/sys/compat/linux/linux_util.c, to check if the process name
(td->td_proc->p_args) matches one of a list given with a sysctl, and if so,
just return with no mapping.

I will produce a patch, but I will need assistance wrt any locking I might
need, making sure sysctl works properly, etc. Is there anybody interested
enough to volunteer to mentor me on this mini-project? ;-)

TIA, bye,

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