You know, I have been using and NSD, at work on IRIX.  I had trouble
with it, it sometimes wouldn't sync with the nameserver, or would
cease to serve any names until I HUPed it.

And, seriously, I don't really understand what it's good for.  Bind
has been responsible for resolving host names as long as I know.  WHY
would anyone want to use NIS for hostname resolution?

I always configure the resolver to use bind (aka named), and have NIS
resolve passwd, group, alias maps etc. if I need that functionality.
When I'm worried about network load, I run a local named in caching
only mode.  Named makes a nice system-wide cache, it is maintained
well, so why bother and write another daemon for that?


At Fri, 05 Oct 2001 16:54:05 +0930, Thyer, Matthew <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> Andrew Gallatin wrote:
> > 
> > Thyer, Matthew writes:
> >  > So the answer is a name service caching daemon ala nscd on Solaris.
> >  >
> > 
> > Or linux.  Apparently, there is an nscd in glibc.  Perhaps somebody
> > with motivation could determine if its any good.  If so, they could
> > chop it out of glibc, make it into a port & add hooks to our libc for
> > it.  (I no longer work at Duke or even use NIS, so that motivated
> > person would not be me).

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