Mikhail Teterin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
 > After watching some MPGs with the Linux binary-only mtvp (graphics/mtv
 > port) I noticed 40 zomby processes:

Sorry, this is not really an answer to your question, but
for playing MPEG files, I've found vlc and mplayer very
useful, and in general better than mtv/mtvp.  They're both
in ports/graphics, too.  They're opensource (i.e. no linux
binaries necessary), and they even uses hardware scaling
through either the xvideo extension or SDL (in ports, too),
so requiring little CPU, even for fullscreen playback.
(Personally I prefer mplayer.  YMMV.)

 > root@aldan:~ (220) ps -alwwx | grep 68256
 >   105 68256     1   0  96  0     0    0 -      Z     p1    0:00,00  (mtvp)

This might be a strange idea, but have you tried to
"kill -CHLD 1"?  This wouldn't be a real solution, of course.


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