> I'm trying to upgrade -current on one of our machines. This box is a Compaq 
> Presario 900 Mhz Athlon. It errors on the NIC. I can't disable PnP in the 
> bios, that feature doesn't exist in the compaq bios. I have tried several 
> NIC's and pci slots with the same results. 
> Also, I tried both "unset acpi_load" at boot  and "hint.acpi.0.disable="1"" 
> in /boot/device.hints. Neither made any difference.

Of course it won't; ACPI has nothing to do with this.

> xl0: <3Com 3cSOHO100-TX OfficeConnect> irq 5 at device 5.0 on pci0
> xl0: couldn't map ports/memory

You're screwed.  Sorry.

We really need to do something about this. 8(

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