On 19 Oct, Dag-Erling Smorgrav wrote:
>> The error 
>>      Could not get address for /dev/vmnet1: argument is invalid
>>      Failed to configure ethernet0
>> is all I get... (this is the host-only case, for bridged it says
>> something like could not get bridgin status of /dev/vmnet1...)
> Can you send me a ktrace?  I suspect my linux_ioctl.c commits may be
> at fault.

Does anyone know where to get an eval license for vmware2, to run it as

Has anyone seen similar problem on recent -current or has someone an
idea why vmware is issuing a SIOCGIFCONF ioctl without providing an
interface name?

Oct 19 18:04:53 mp /boot/kernel/kernel: linux_ioctl_socket(): ioctl 35093 on
Oct 19 18:04:55 mp /boot/kernel/kernel: /dev/vmmon: Vmx86_DestroyVM: unlocked pages: 
0, unlocked dirty pages: 0

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