In case no one has seen this, I'm getting

(cd /usr/src/etc;  install -c -o root -g wheel -m 444 apmd.conf auth.con
f  crontab csh.cshrc csh.login csh.logout  dhclient.conf dm.conf fbtab ftpusers 
gettytab group  hosts hosts.allow hosts.equiv hosts.lpd  inetd.conf login.access
 login.conf  motd modems netconfig networks newsyslog.conf  pam.conf phones prin
tcap profile protocols  rc rc.atm rc.devfs rc.diskless1 rc.diskless2 rc.firewall
 rc.firewall6 rc.network6 rc.pccard rc.serial rc.shutdown  rc.syscon
s rc.sysctl remote rpc security services shells sysctl.conf  syslog.conf
nf  etc.i386/disktab  etc.i386/rc.i386  etc.i386/ttys  /usr/src/etc/../gnu/usr.b
in/man/manpath/manpath.config  /usr/src/etc/../usr.bin/mail/misc/mail.rc  /usr/s
rc/etc/../usr.bin/locate/locate/locate.rc rc.isdn netstart pccard_ether rc.suspe
nd rc.resume  opieaccess /usr/share/examples/etc;  install -c -o root -g wheel -
m 444 defaults/rc.conf  /usr/share/examples/etc/defaults;  install -c -o root -g
 wheel -m 444 defaults/pccard.conf  /usr/share/examples/etc/defaults;  install -
c -o root -g wheel -m 444 defaults/periodic.conf  /usr/share/examples/etc/defaul
make: don't know how to make copies. Stop
*** Error code 2



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