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Maxim Sobolev wrote:

> I had started observing this problem about a 1.5 months ago - my
> PCMCIA modem (EigerCom 33.6) is detected/attached only on second
> insertion, i.e. if I'm booting with the card inserted I have to
> manually eject it and put back, while if the machine boots with
> an empty slot I have to do insert-eject-insert procedure. At the
> same time, another PCMCIA card (ed0-compatible ethernet adapter)
> doesn't have this problem. Following is related kernel output

The funny thing is, I've got the opposite situation: I have to insert my
network card twice (Netgear - old version), but my modem card (Xircom) works
fine straight away. CURRENT, OLDCARD.


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