On Tue, Oct 23, 2001 at 08:43:29PM +0100, Mark Murray wrote:
> > David Wolfskill wrote:
> > > Found this in my typescript after a "make installworld" on today's
> > 
> > There was a commit about a problem with a missing NOOBJ..
> > May I suggest either:
> > - rm -rf /usr/obj/*
> > - cd src/share; cd `make -V .OBJDIR`; rm -rf *  (check that its not your
> > srcdir first :-).
> Actually, it is possible for there to be no copies: target in
> src/share/examples/<something>. The copies: (actually copies::)
> target is built up in a .for loop that may be empty.
> The fix is a dummy copies:: target.
We don't descend that far into examples/<something>, we just stay
in "examples" and build DIRS list dynamically.  The problem is that
even after my fix to examples/ipfilter/Makefile (which added NOOBJ
to ipfilter subdir), the old "make world" may have left the .OBJDIR
for examples/ipfilter.  What it means for "examples" is that
.OBJDIR != .CURDIR (as implied by the NOOBJ hint).  The solution
is to remove the stale objdir, as Peter have suggested.  My (safe)
version thus looks like this:

cd /usr/src/share/examples; \
[ `make -V .OBJDIR ` != `make -V .CURDIR` ] && rm -rf `make -V .OBJDIR`

Mark, please back your 1.32 revision from share/examples/Makefile out,
as it only hides the problem with a wrong .OBJDIR.  In the presence of
the .OBJDIR for share/examples and revision 1.32, we just end up not
installing anything from examples/* subdirs.  Compare:

# cd /usr/src/share/examples
# mkdir /usr/obj/usr/src/share/examples
# make -n copies
# rmdir /usr/obj/usr/src/share/examples
# make -n copies

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