> > > The problem is still here as of today's kernel. Please do
> > > something about it.
> > 
> > Should I reapeat how sad it is that this longstanding
> > problem is being completely ignored by the acpi
> > maintainer(s)?
> No, I'd prefer that you found something constructive to do with your time.
> I'm not interested in being bitched out over something as trivial as this 
> when I have so much on my plate already; if you can't contribute, do me 
> the least favour and save me the angst.

What you expect me to do "constructive" about this? I've submitted
detailed report, tested some patches proposed by the Japanese
ACPI developers and so on. I do not see what else I could do to get
this problem resolved apart from bugging you from time to time.
Perhaps you have any better ideas, then please let me know. Also
if the problem is as trivial as you are describing, then it is highly
unclear why it is not fixed yet (some 6 weeks are passed since
initial report). I know several local guys with exactly the same
bug (some time ago I've convinced some them to swith to -current
and test/report any problems) and it is very sad to see my efforts
vanished, especially considering that the source of the problem is
located and as you said it is a "trivial" one.


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