>  winbindd  is a daemon that provides a service for the Name
>  Service Switch capability that is present in most modern C
>  libraries.  The Name Service Switch allows user and system
>  information to be obtained from different  databases  ser-
>  vices  such as NIS or DNS. The exact behaviour can be con-
>  figured throught the /etc/nsswitch.conf file.   Users  and
>  groups  are  allocated  as they are resolved to a range of
>  user and group ids specified by the administrator  of  the
>  Samba system.
> Btw, since we don't support winbindd, the samba-devel port
> should not install the manpage :-/
What do you mean we don't support it, its in samba-2.2.2, or alteast it
should be, it was in the anouncement, maybe I'm just not installing it.

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