"Alexander N. Kabaev" wrote:
> What is the problem exactly? It is hard to guess that from the
> information you posted.
> > foo (i=1, s=10244, c=-54 'J', str=0x804855b "test") at prog1.c:13
> Is that what bothers you? It happens because
> your code is compiled with no optimization, and that causes gcc to
> allocate temporary backing storage for all parameters in the function
> foo. When you type an 's' command to step into the foo function from
> main, gcc stops immediately after function stack frame has been
> initialized but before parameters have been copied into their respective
> temporary locations.

yes, but i posted wrong output :( try to do the same but use
"-ggdb" instead of "-g" switch. even if you step info function
some funny things happen. you can try to do both "-O2 -ggdb" vs.
"-ggdb" only.


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