> > first of all i want to apoligize. i sent the wrong output. yes, it
> > does the right thing if you use "-g" switch, however it does not
> > work for me if i use "-ggdb" switch.
> Indeed, the output generated with -ggdb looks weird.  But then, it
> never occurred to me to use -ggdb at all.  Why would one want to do
> this?

i have one program that works on linux and solaris and i need
to run it on freebsd. the "-ggdb" switch is in program's Makefile. 
i can compile it just fine, but when i run it - it core dumps. 
the core dump is more weird that "gdb" frame output. "gdb" shows 
endless recursive call to 


etc. as soon as there is no more stack - program coredumps :(
so i'm trying to fix it.

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