With world of 31 oct I finally make my new scanner visible.

It appear under /dev as uscanner0 and on console I got the notify:
uscanner0: EPSON Perfection1240, rev 1.00/1.14, addr 2

and if I switch it off I got:
uscanner0: at uhub0 port 1 (addr 2) disconnected
uscanner0: detached

and sane is able to use it, it works.  But...

.../dev/uscanner is owned by root:operator with mode 644 and only
root can use it, I changed mode to 666 and also my user can scan.

So the question: /dev/uscanner0 is a dynamic entry under DEVFS and
I am unable to change mode to 666 at boot time if scanner is off.
How can I make it reboot resistant, or how can I change protection
every time I switch it on?
Yes, I know that /etc/rc.devfs is executed only at boot time.
Is /etc/usbd.conf usable also for chown/chmod commands?  Must usbd
be running (I have no usbd now but it attach/detach the same).


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