In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Munehiro Matsuda writes:
: Hello Ogawa-san,
: Thank you for your patch.
: That completely fixed my pccard problem.
: Now my pccard-modem gets attached as sio2, instead of sio3 like few days
: ago which seemed bogus, because my system don't have sio2!
: Regards,
:    Haro
: Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2001 18:43:43 +0900
: ::
: ::Same here. Stack trace is as below.
: ::
: ::This panic seems to be related to the recent change of
: ::devclass_alloc_unit() in subr_bus.c, which no longer
: ::automatically assigns a free unit number if specified unit
: ::number was already ocuppied.

/me very angry about this.  Thank you for tracking it down.


Thank you for this nice patch ogawa-san.  I'll see that it gets in
right away.


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