Bruce Evans <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Sat, 10 Nov 2001, John Baldwin wrote:
> > On 08-Nov-01 Bruce Evans wrote:
> > > The i386 <machine/atomic.h> still uses archaic constraints for some
> > > input-output operands ("0" for the first operand).  These never worked
> > > right and if fact don't actually work for compiling this file without
> > > optimization.
> >
> > Hmm, would you prefer this diff then, I've had it floating around for a while
> > now but wasn't sure it was right:
> Yes, it is right provided all the operand renumbering is right.  I suppose
> it can't be checked simply by comparing all objects, because it sometimes
> changes the register allocation?
> There are a couple more "0"s in atomic_cmpset_int(), and many more in other
> files (even in cpufunc.h).

Actually there are only 14 files that make use of "0" .. "9".

    % find ./sys -type f | xargs grep -l ':[[:space:]]*"[0-9]"'

./sys/gnu/i386/fpemul/fpu_entry.c & ./sys/i386/i386/math_emulate.c
were quite easy to change.  I'm not using math emulation, but the
changes to these two were almost trivial and I already mailed jhb a
hopefully correct diff.  It's also online at

For the rest of the i386 files, it'll take the rest of my Sunday
afternoon and a buildworld or two, I guess.  I can't make any sparc64
or alpha changes though.

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