I'm running -current on my main box, NFS mounting home directories from my
-stable box. The -current box is configured as an NFS client only as it does
not serve anything. The -stable box is configured as an NFS server only.

In this configuration, running rpc.statd and rpc.lockd on both boxes (manually
started on the -current box as it does not support rpc.lockd & statd via
/etc/rc in nfs client mode[1]), rpc.lockd core dumps reliably on the -current
client when unlocking a file on the server.

I have tracked this down as a problem with too few parameters being passed to
lock_answer (file kern.c). The attached patch fixes the problem for me by
bringing the parameters in line with the other calls to lock_answer.

Can someone with commit priviledges please review the patch and commit it if
it does the right thing?



[1] I can supply a rough patch to fix this problem, but I'm not happy with it.
   If someone is interested in reviewing the patch, please drop me an email and
   I'll get it off to you.
--- lock_proc.c.old     Sun Oct 14 19:36:35 2001
+++ lock_proc.c Sun Nov 11 11:57:35 2001
@@ -763,7 +763,7 @@
        if (debug_level)
                log_from_addr("nlm_unlock_res", rqstp);
-       lock_answer(&arg->cookie, arg->stat.stat, NLM_VERS);
+       lock_answer(-1, &arg->cookie, arg->stat.stat, NULL, NLM_VERS);
        return (NULL);

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