:Hmm.  The way the revamped console code works is this:
:  cn_devopen() calls vn_open() to open the device.  If this is not a 
:VCHR device, then it is closed.  Otherwise, the vnode is stashed in
:  When the device is closed though cnclose(), it walks through a list
:of console devices, and if cnd_vp != NULL, calls vn_close() for that 
:vnode, and then NULLs out cnd_vp. (drops the reference.)
:  My understanding is that vn_open/vn_close will track the count of 
:outstanding references to the vnode, so this should be safe to do.

    The panic is due to v_writecount not being properly adjusted.  If a
    vnode is opened with FWRITE in vn_open(), then it must be closed with
    VWRITE in vn_close() or v_writecount will not be properly adjusted and cause
    the panic in question to occur later in vrele(). 

    I suspect that this is the problem with the devfs/console code.


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