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> As I understand it, the only problem is if some implementation indicates
> non-conformance with #define __STDC__ 0, which is unheard of to me, and,
> if I were an implementor of such a system, I'd just leave it undefined.

That is a slight misinterpretation of what those systems do.

Those systems have a three-mode compiler (similar to GCC in that
regard).  When running in `traditional' mode, they do not define
__STDC__.  When running in `strict ANSI/ISO' mode, they define
__STDC__ to unity, as required by the Standard.  When running in their
default mode, which accepts a proper superset of the ANSI/ISO
language, they define __STDC__ to be zero.  The theory is that only
conformance tests would ever actually care about the exact value of

None of this has anything to do with us, since the Standard Header
Files are part of The Implementation, and FreeBSD doesn't use one of
those (MIPS or DECpaq) compilers.


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