As Makoto Matusita writes:
$ Would you please try a newer (Nov/12/2001 or later) snapshot?  

> clean install was necessary.  I downloaded kern.flp and mfsroot.flp from
> november 9th, booted, started an ftp install.  Eveything went smooth through
> newfs.  Then three error messages appeared: "Unable to mount /mnt/dev/ad0s1e on

The current snapshot in the beginning of November failed to install
because libdisk's function MakeDev() tried to mknod() in devfs partiton.
The patch I provided just skipped mknod() if the kernel knew devfs,
even if sysinstall tried to mknod() other than the devfs partition,
which caused the bug you reported.
Matusita-san has committed the proper fix to the problem, so please
try newer snapshot and report the result as a followup to PR 31009
if possible.

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