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In September, the unthinkable happened. Many lives were lost and many more were changed forever in the worst terrorist attack ever to occur on American soil. Our deepest sympathies go out to the families affected by this tragedy. Americans of all colors and creeds have come together under the flag and still more around their spiritual beliefs in the wake of this terrible event.

Teen Graffiti recognizes Americans express their beliefs and their allegiance to the flag in many different ways and has developed a symbolic expression capturing the essence of love for God and country. We have produced T-shirts bearing a cross and an American flag in three different designs. Please visit us at our website at http://www.teengraffiti.com to view and purchase the T-shirt that is right for you.

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Need help with homework or a class project? Teen Graffiti has added a page to its site to give you the extra help you need for nearly every subject. Visit our Homework Help Page at
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Your Input Really Does Make a Difference!
We need your input on the following topics: Plans for the New Year (2002), America's Security, Proper Diet of Teens, etc. To participate in our questionnaire, click http://www.teengraffiti.com/question.htm 
to give us your input.

Just in Time for the Holidays!!!
Want to beat the holiday rush? Tired of long lines and short tempers while shopping? Want a easier way to get fabulous holiday gifts? Teen Graffiti is here to help. We have added a Virtual Mall to our website to make your holiday shopping easier and more convenient. Check out our website at http://www.teengraffiti.com, and shop for family and friends at our new virtual mall. It is a great way 
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