Hi folks,

There's a patch a http://www.freebsd.org/~nsouch/download for using SMBus and I2C
controllers of recent motherboards. It includes viapm, amdpm and an update of alpm(4).

The viapm driver supports VIA 586, 596, 686 chipsets.
The amdpm is for AMD760 chipset.

These drivers may be used with /usr/ports/sysutils/healthd or other hand made
tools to read SDRAM info...
(see http://www.planet.sci.kobe-u.ac.jp/~takawata/smbus/examples/)

The patch also provide a huge update of the I2C framework, especially for
dynamic module support. It includes big changes in the bit-banging interface
which is used by bktr, lpbb, viapm. Unfortunatly, I could not test the bktr

I need volonteers to test the bktr changes before I can commit the patch to -current.

The patch is organised as follows:

iic-current.diffs shall be applied to sys/
iic_mods.tgz contains the sys/modules/i2c and sys/dev/pm directories.

A later trick I have to solve:

sys/dev/pm/viapm-686a.diff shall also be applied to sys/dev/pm/viapm.c

On the TODO list:

- apply viapm-686a.diff to viapm.c
- move sys/pci/*pm.c to sys/dev/pm
- Test/fix bktr with new bit-banging interface
- Commit everything to -current
- Write manpage for viapm
- Include the amdpm manpage

Thanks in advance,


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