On 14-Nov-01 Stephan van Beerschoten wrote:
> I just recently did a `make world` with the cvs source as of 8:00 CET and I
> tried to boot from it.
>  .. unfortunately this update rendered my machine unbootable.
> I have a multiboot machine with Windows98, and as soon as I choose to boot
> FreeBSD (F3 for me) it starts the loader and then it fails with an assert
> error.
> I haven't yet been able to write down the exact errormessage, but I wanted to
> warn people upfront for this possible break in current. I wonder by the way
> what the correct recovery procedure is for a corrupted loader.

Boot loader.old, then rebuild awk, then rebuild the loader. (Be sure to not
overwrite loader.old when you install!  Maybe copy loader.old to loader.good
until you know the new loader works.)  This is a result of the awk breakage and
is at this point a FAQ on this list.  Please keep up with this list if you are
running -current.


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