I've just finished a three-day download, at a monsterous 2.0KB/sec,
    of ``nopkg-5.0-CURRENT-20011115-JPSNAP.iso'' from snapshots.jp.cur-
    rent.org.  I had to toss my 20011111 snapshot because it still had
    the /mnt/dev sysinstall problem which was apparently fixed as of
    20011112.  It isn't.

    I'm installing on ad0s3.  It has previously been partitioned,
    labeled and newfs'd into the following format:

        /dev/ad0s3a:    /           128MB   
        /dev/ad0s3b     swap        128MB
        /dev/ad0s3e:    /var        128MB
        /dev/ad0s3f:    /var/tmp    128MB
        /dev/ad0s3g:    /usr        remainder (approx. 5GB).

    The filesystems were created with:

        newfs -b 16384 -f 2048 -U ...

    Sysinstall dies at the same place, everytime.  Lets take the
    simple installation of ``bin'' as an example.  

 1. Boot the snapshot.  Sysinstall main menu comes up.
 2. -> Custom
 3.     -> Label
 4.         Label the partitions as mentioned above -- enabling
            softupdates. (i.e. ``ad0s3g  /usr    5585MB UFS+S N'')
 5.         <- `Q'
 6.     -> Distributions
 7.         -> Custom
 8.             [x] bin
 9.             <- Exit
10.         <- Exit
11.     -> Media
12.         <- CD/DVD         
13.     -> Commit
14.         Last Chance?  [Yes]
    [ Writing partition information to drive ad0 ]
vty2> DEBUG: Scanning disk ad0 for root filesystem
vty2> DEBUG: Scanning disk ad0 for swap partitions

    [ Warning: Using existing root partition.  It will be assumed   ]
    [ that you have the appropriate device entries already in /dev. ]
    -> [OK]
vty2> fstab: /etc/fstab:0: No such file or directory
vty2> fstab: /etc/fstab:0: No such file or directory
vty2> boot_crunch: fsck_4.2bsd not compiled in
vty2> usage: boot_crunch <prog> <args> ..., where <prog> is one of:
       hostname pwd rm sh -sh test [ cpio dhclient fsck ifconfig
       mount_nfs newfs route rtsol slattach tunefs find minigzip gzip
       gunzip zcat sed arp pccardc pccard ppp sysinstall usbd usbdevs

    [ Warning: fsck returned status of 1 for /dev/ad0s3a. ]
    [ This partition may be unsafe to use.                ]
    -> [OK]

    [ Unable to add /mnt/dev/ad0s3b as a swap device.  No such file or ]
    [ directory                                                        ]
    -> [OK]

    [ Error mounting /mnt/dev/ad0s3g on /mnt/usr : No such file or     ]
    [ directory                                                        ]
vty2> fstab: /etc/fstab:0: No such file or directory
vty2> fstab: /etc/fstab:0: No such file or directory
vty2> fsck: cannot open `/mnt/dev/ad0s3g' : No such file or directory
vty2> fstab: /etc/fstab:0: No such file or directory
vty2> tunefs: /mnt/dev/ad0s3g: No such file or directory


    This occurs for every device, as you'd expect.  So, everything gets
    stored to /dev/ad0s3a, which is only 128MB, which'll obviously fill
    up pretty quickly and fail.

    1. /mnt/dev is empty.  Why isn't /dev being used?  The correct
       entries reside in there.

    2. It seems like /etc/fstab should exist.  It doesn't, so fsck, I'm
       guessing, defaults to thinking this is a 4.2bsd filesystem, which
       the boot_crunch'ified fsck doesn't have support for.

    Last time I ran into this, I fluked it.  I pressed Ctrl-C during the
    bin installation after it had put the tools like mkdir, ln et. al.
    in /mnt/bin.  Then I simply ln'd /mnt/dev /dev, and all was well.

    To add salt to my wound, my dc0 isn't recognised because for it to
    work, I need a kernel compiled with ``PCI_ENABLE_IO_MODES''.  So I
    can't NFS mount my workstation's drive to get access to any tools.
    I can't UFS mount the stable partition and use the /bin directory
    from that, because boot_crunch doesn't come with mount_ufs.  (Or at
    least there's no user-interface to mount_ufs that I can see).

    So.  As far as I can see, without fluking Ctrl-C at the right time
    to get enough of the bin tools already installed, there is SFA that
    can be done to work-around this.  Bleh.


Trent Nelson - Software Engineer - [EMAIL PROTECTED]
       "A man with unlimited enthusiasm can achieve 
               almost anything." --unknown 

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