I recommend you all look at The Click Modular router


which is a step in the right direction.

Of course given the current architecture it may be very hard
to adapt it to this kind of model.

I led/worked on a project at Wind River Systems to do a multi-instance
stack based off of the 4.4 BSD lite code.   I can tell you that without
quite a bit of rearchitecting what you get is always a hack.

There are (were?) over 100 global variables in the 4.4BSD lite code.  I've
not counted on 4.4 or -CURRENT so I can't say.  There are also the issues
of the locks though I suspect in -CURRENT (since the kernel is MP) you
have handled these in some way.

An extensible, multi-threaded TCP/IP would NOT look like the 4.4BSD-Lite code.

Is this a goal of FreeBSD now?  I am working on some things to make this 
but it is independent of FreeBSD and very very early days as yet.


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