I ran into some problems building the cvsup-devel
port. In one of it's dependants, the c file is attempting
to include <nfs/nfs.h> which is nolonger valid.


    As a quick fix I symlinked nfs.h -> ../nfsclient/nfs.h
which allowed the compile to complete.

    The following more generic/correct fix could probably
be dropped into the files directory as patch-XX:

--- RTHeapDepC.c.orig   Mon Nov 19 00:27:30 2001
+++ RTHeapDepC.c        Mon Nov 19 00:28:21 2001
@@ -98,7 +98,11 @@
 #include <sys/time.h>
 #include <nfs/rpcv2.h>
 #include <nfs/nfsproto.h>
+#if __FreeBSD__ >= 5
+#include <nfsclient/nfs.h>
 #include <nfs/nfs.h>
 #include <ufs/ufs/ufsmount.h>


ps: I also ran into problems with libutil.h but I haven't
    determined where the actual problem is coming from.
    Copying /usr/src/lib/libutil/libutil.h to /usr/include
    avoids the immediate problem.

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