On 17-Nov-01 Trent Nelson wrote:
>     This occurs for every device, as you'd expect.  So, everything gets
>     stored to /dev/ad0s3a, which is only 128MB, which'll obviously fill
>     up pretty quickly and fail.
>     1. /mnt/dev is empty.  Why isn't /dev being used?  The correct
>        entries reside in there.

/dev should probably be used when DEVFS is present, or else devfs should be
mounted on /mnt/dev as well as /dev.  The /mnt/dev hack was a workaround for
the non-devfs case.  It doesn't apply for devfs.

>     2. It seems like /etc/fstab should exist.  It doesn't, so fsck, I'm
>        guessing, defaults to thinking this is a 4.2bsd filesystem, which
>        the boot_crunch'ified fsck doesn't have support for.

Not sure what this is all about.  /etc/fstab should exist in theory.  Actually,
it might not exist yet.  During an install w/o using existing partitions
we don't have a / filesystem to put /etc/fstab in.  Probably we should use an
explicit fsck_ffs or fsck -t ffs when fscking existing filesystems from


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