Hello all,
    I have -current source and kernel from 11/12/2001.  The source tree is that
installed from /stand/sysinstall of that date.  I have rebuilt the world using
it, followed by the kernel.  All appears well.  Today I tried started up gdm
for the first time.  After it was running I switched to a virtual terminal and
endered "#>netstat -a -f inet" from a root prompt.  The lines "Panic: too many
open files, syncing, automatic reboot in 15 seconds" appeared, followed by a
   I am new to this, indeed this is the first panic I have experienced.  I
could find nothing in the log to provide more useful information.  I also
realize that perhaps this bug is known.  Infomation about when to submit to
this list, where/how to find information about previous bugs, and how to
retrieve information about a crash so developers can fix bugs would be most


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