John Baldwin wrote:

> On 19-Nov-01 Jim Bryant wrote:
>>anyhow, now that this is working, i'm kinda pissed to have lost use of my
>>mouse wheel.  apparently the keyboard was made before 
>>wheels became popular.
>>anyone know a good usb keyboard with a ps/2 mouse port built-in that will
>>translate the wheel on the mouse?  once ya get used to the 
>>wheels, it's amazing how much you use it...
> You can get USB mice with wheels I think.  If the keyboard has a USB hub, then
> it shouldn't care what the mouse is like.  Does the keyboard have a PS/2 port
> or some such?

Yeah, this one is a belkin, and it lacks the hub, and instead has a ps/2 port on the 
side..  it's actually quite handy, as even now, 
it's not easy finding USB mice...

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