On Tue, Nov 20, 2001 at 03:12:50PM +0100, Anton Berezin wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 20, 2001 at 03:02:39PM +0200, Ruslan Ermilov wrote:
> > On Mon, Nov 19, 2001 at 10:28:55PM +0600, Max Khon wrote:
> > > I asked tobez (he is an originator and he took responsibility on
> > > this PR) and he said that src/ must be audited also -- he said that
> > > some initgroups() callers do not print error message because
> > > initgroups() did this previously.
> > > 
> > > I'll try to do this before this weekend and I will post combined
> > > patch to audit@
> > While this is indeed a good thing to do, this is completely unrelated to
> > the above mentioned problem, and should be done separately.  Here's the
> > list of src/ files that do not check the return value of initgroups(3),
> > and may need to be fixed, but some of them explicitly ignore the result
> > to indicate the fact they consider this error non-fatal.
> > libexec/ftpd/ftpd.c
> > libexec/rexecd/rexecd.c
> > usr.bin/calendar/calendar.c
> > usr.sbin/inetd/inetd.c
> There used to be *many* more problematic files.  Please see
> To my knowledge, only printjob.c was fixed, though I have not looked
> into every file in the list since then.
Yes, but I specifically left contrib/ and crypto/ files, and files that
do not check the result of other calls like setgrp() etc.

> But as I said in the private message, I do not feel strongly about this,
> and I think that the fix can be safely committed.  I do not think these
> things are quite unrelated, though.  :-)
Not checking the return value is always BAD except when (not) done
intentionally (flagged by a(void)ing the return value of a function),
whether or not a function in question prints some diagnostic output
on standard error; that's why I still think these problems are in
fact unrelated.  :-)

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