matusita> Maybe we can try to put mount_devfs and mount devfs to /mnt/dev.

Moreover, sysinstall requires devfs on /mnt/dev only if trying to
mount filesystems.  I've made a patch to do that (and more), and test
now (yes, *right now*).

If it seems fine for me, I'll post a patch.  Current my patch

- Use fsck_ffs instead of fsck.  As a result, we don't need 'fsck'
  program anymore, and we don't need 'fsck_4.2bsd' or other links to fsck_ffs.
- Use devfs for /mnt/dev (if sysinstall runs as init).  sysinstall
  mounts it, then runs fsck/newfs & mounts filesystems.  All goes
  well, umount devfs on /mnt/dev (if mounted).

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Makoto `MAR' Matsushita

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