>>>>> "MM" == Munehiro Matsuda <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    MM> From: CHOI Junho <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
    MM> Date: 20 Nov 2001 17:49:47 +0900
    > Hi,
    > Due to recent change on pmap.[ch], vmware2 build fails... Can somebody
    > fix this?
    MM> I don't have patch for it, but you could changed the line in hostif.c,
    MM> from:
    MM> pt_entry_t pteptr = (pt_entry_t)vtopte(addr);

    MM> to:
    MM> pt_entry_t *pteptr = vtopte(addr);

    MM> to get it compile.

    MM> Hope this helps,

That's it. Thanks!

    MM> Haro

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