This is a long-standing problem which is getting more and more annoying (or
so I feel, might be just an impression). I was wondering if anybody might
be interested in helping me debug and fix it.
I can repeat this at will using Tivoli Storage Manager for Linux to backup
my -CURRENT laptop. Basically, after a few minutes I start getting these
messages; at that point networking is basically hosed until I kill TSM.

First of all, is this just an application misbehaving and it should be fixed
only by tuning some sysctl, or is it an OS bug proper? Note that -STABLE
doesn't exhibit this problem.

netstat -m output is as follow:

mbuf usage:
        GEN list:       0/0 (in use/in pool)
        CPU #0 list:    71/144 (in use/in pool)
        Total:          71/144 (in use/in pool)
        Maximum number allowed on each CPU list: 512
        Maximum possible: 18432
        Allocated mbuf types:
          46 mbufs allocated to data
          25 mbufs allocated to packet headers
        0% of mbuf map consumed
mbuf cluster usage:
        GEN list:       0/0 (in use/in pool)
        CPU #0 list:    20/66 (in use/in pool)
        Total:          20/66 (in use/in pool)
        Maximum number allowed on each CPU list: 128
        Maximum possible: 9216
        0% of cluster map consumed
168 KBytes of wired memory reserved (34% in use)
0 requests for memory denied
0 requests for memory delayed
0 calls to protocol drain routines

Relevant parts of vmstat -m:

Memory statistics by type                          Type  Kern
        Type  InUse MemUse HighUse  Limit Requests Limit Limit Size(s)
      mbufmgr    65    31K     32K 31594K   268785    0     0  16,32,64,128,8K,32K

What else is needed to diagnose this? It's been baffling me for much too long...


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