> The build and all goes well, but after a reboot. the kernel boots and
> just hangs on the acpi_cpu and refuses to go further.
> deleting the acpi.ko in /boot/kernel solves the problem for me. Is there
> any way to _disable_ acpi all together? I tried doing it from the boot
> menu (using unload and disable-module), rummaging through the /boot
> forth scripts also yielded no success, but it still gets loaded.
> Eventually just deleting the module made my box boot on.

Answers to this question can be found (with minimal effort) in the list 

> My CURRENT machine is a Compaq Presario 17XL380 laptop. Is the ACPI on that
> machine broken or misfeatured? Any info I can provide to help? 

It's possible that it is; please post what details you have to the 
ACPI working list at [EMAIL PROTECTED], and we'll see what can be 
done to get you going.

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