it is the time again for me to investigate how diskless booting -current
is working today.

I've got a german Telekom TDSL line und must convert from my oldish
I4B diskless router (386/40) to a new one, that's capable to handle
the DSL speed at 768K/sec. 
Since there are now to many differences between my -current workstation at
home and the 4.1-stable that's my i4B router boots diskless, I've decided
to run -current on the new router also and I wish to share the / and the
/usr filesystems between the two.

I have an 10base5 Network at home and the DSL modem comes with an 10baseT
The Network cards I wish to use are some oldish WD8013 with an etherboot  
rom and dhcp and for the DSL side an 3C509.
What ist the way to boot , eg. which file I have to load with dhcp?
The cards doesn't support pxe.
Please point me in the right direction...


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