Hello, hackers.

What do you think about change the type of tsptype in
src/include/protocols/timed.h from (char *)
to (const char *) ?

$ grep -r protocols/timed.h /usr/src
/usr/src/bin/date/netdate.c:#include <protocols/timed.h>
<skip recursive directory loops>
/usr/src/usr.sbin/timed/timed/byteorder.c: * messages. Protocol is defined in 
/usr/src/usr.sbin/timed/timed/globals.h:#include <protocols/timed.h>
/usr/src/usr.sbin/timed/timedc/cmds.c:#include <protocols/timed.h>

After change of tsptype's type, we can build bin/date (with
some cosmetics) with WARNS?=2.


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