* Hiten Pandya ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
[disallowing a su'ed root to shutdown the machine proposition snipped]

> this would be very good, i think if someone broke into
> a normal user and was able to gain access into root
> using su... (without a password..)

I fail to see anything 'good' in that... And there is a flaw in your
reasoning. It really does not add any security.

There are lots of other ways to shut down a computer without using
'shutdown'. Heck, if one had access to a compiler while being root there
are a myriad more. Limiting the shut-down functions is a bad idea how
ever you turn it. Usually, if you detect a breakin/intrusion, a shutdown
can be the only way to save your data for post-mortem analysis. People
who restrict direct root logins are not far and between. It would be a
real pain in the back end if one can not shut down a box if something
awry or heinous is happening, to prevent further damage.

Of course if people really want it, there's always your patch they can
download and install :-) (don't you love free software for that?)

I also wonder why an attacker would want to shut down a box. The average
script kid would want the box to be up and running, for whatever
purpose, and for bragging rights of course. The only reason I see is
denial of service. Meddling with the shutdown mechanisms is only cutting
yourself in your fingers, as an administrator. 

My guess is using some sense and sensibility is the best tool one could
use to thwart attackers. Have you read "Practical UNIX and Internet Security",
written by Simson Garfinkel and Gene Spafford? (ISBN 1-56592-148-8) I
suggest you do. It will enlighten you where some real problems are.

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