>From: Dag-Erling Smorgrav <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Date: 03 Nov 2001 03:34:01 +0100

>> course, one of the other interesting issues with the above patch is that
>> awk was whining about the empty regex ("//").  Since the idea was
>> apparently to do nothing for such a record, it seemed simpler to just
>> not tell awk to do anything with it, and that seemed to work in my
>> tests.]

>Bzzzt!  Wrong.  That clause needs to be there to prevent awk from
>copying non-matching lines from nsswitch.conf to host.conf.  If 1Tawk
>complains about empty regexps, just remove the regexp, but leave the
>clause there.

Actually, I tried that.  Maybe I should have put it in braces, but I
thought I tried that, too.  Hmmm... I can hack on the build machine a
bit...  I was aware that sed, by default, would print its input to
output, but had thought that awk would not....

OK; my error -- this does work:

Index: etc/rc.network
RCS file: /cvs/freebsd/src/etc/rc.network,v
retrieving revision 1.110
diff -u -r1.110 rc.network
--- etc/rc.network      1 Nov 2001 12:39:01 -0000       1.110
+++ etc/rc.network      3 Nov 2001 02:47:06 -0000
@@ -888,7 +888,7 @@
             print xlat[$n];
-// {
 ' <$nsswitch_conf >$host_conf

Sorry about that,
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